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Recent Roasts:
Batch 008
Uganda Gorilla Conservation
Berry, Pomegranate, Chocolate
Jan 20th 2023
from $25.00
Batch 007
Yemeni from Sana'a
Cherry, Honey, Walnut
Apr 29th 2022
from $49.00
Batch 006
China, Yunan
Molasses, Chinese Plum, Grapefruit
Nov 1st 2021
from $22.00
Batch 005
Ethiopian Yirgecheffe
Blackcurrent, Cherry, Molasses
May 22nd 2021
from $21.00
Batch 004
Indonesia Sumatra
Vanilla, Walnut, Blackberry
Mar 22nd 2021
from $19.00
Batch 003
Tanzanian Peaberry
Chocolate, Pecan, Grapefruit
Feb 20th 2021
from $19.00
Batch 002
Papau New Guinea Peaberry
Cherry, Nutty, Floral
Feb 15th 2021
from $18.00
Batch 001
Guatemala Pacamara
Cherry, Nutty, Floral
Feb 15th 2021
from $18.00